Reporting & Visualization

BENZAIT offers robust data services including analytics and visualization to clients through monthly subscriptions.

Basic plan


5 data sources for extraction

2 custom reports

5 monthly analysis requests

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Advanced plan


10 data sources for extraction

5 custom reports

15 monthly analysis requests

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Premium plan


30 data sources for extraction

20 custom reports

60 monthly analysis requests

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Enterprise App Development

Each organization and its information is unique. BENZAIT develops custom solutions and tools to meet the specific needs of its client partners while ensuring the solutions provided are sustainable and scalable.

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Data Services

BENZAIT offers both consultative and technology based solutions to meet organizational needs at every point of the data lifecycle.


Extract your information at it's source and empower your organization with flow of information through BENZAIT's leave behind tools.


Transform your data to make it accessible to all organizational stakeholders making decisions.


Load your data alongside BENZAIT's complimenatry datasets to answer your most pressing business problems.


Narrate, through BENZAIT's storyboards, the journey of your data from raw information to business solutions.


Visualize your data across BENZAIT's platforms in a meaningful and clear manner to the stakeholders.


Improve your organization's information through BENZAIT's automated data controls and governance.




Our goal at BENZAIT is to provide our clients with an unparalled understanding of themselves and the industries they occupy.

Every service and product offered is delivered in accordance with our principles of clarity, concision, and completeness.